Thursday, April 24, 2008

Totally Excellent!

Let me preface this by saying I just learned to use my scanner and my Photoshop skills suck eggs. But, I can't go another day without sharing these super awesome, yet random photos. Check out the hair, people.

This is one of my senior pictures. One truly cannot comprehend the level of concentration and determination it takes to reach this level of bodaciousness unless you were a teenage girl in the mid-80's. My hair rolling skills were rivaled only by my sister who, in our sheer industriousness, helped me apply a thick, tacky layer of hairspray on the door behind us as we meticulously secured each curl of the masterpiece that was our hair.
Like, scope my trippendicular perm!
And this is a family photo from 1987. Dude, even Larry had big hair. No, he wasn't a preacher.

And this is my sister and her husband ca. 1989. Both had big hair and Steve is sporting the righteous acid wash jeans. Awesomeness!

I'm not kidding when I say it took me somewhere around two hours to get my Snausage curls that "Sebastian Hair Spray" perfect. I once bragged to my bff Christy that I used five different colors from my Ultima II eye make-up palate.

ARRRRGH! This is my mom being groped by some creepy pirate. She knows how to party, me maties!

And this is my papa downing a brewski while my sweet grandmother holds a wiener. Out of respect, I'm gonna leave it at that, but it's killing me!

I'll post more as I uncover the very roots that keep me in counseling.


Meliss said...

Gotta love that eighties hair!!!!! Funny!

suburbansocialite said...

Like, OMG, I can't believe how great your hair looked. Seriously, though, you always had great hair. Loved the post today, alomost peed my pants.
love you.

Mamagistra said...

ROFLOL at: 'And this is my papa downing a brewski while my sweet grandmother holds a wiener.'

And of course I love the hair...
'Twas the era: I was THERE! :)

Maybe I'll scan some to rival yours, but not now 'cause I'm packing for the beach! Woo-hoo!


Jenni said...

LOL! I've just been going through pictures of oldest ds for the senior slideshow. Lots of Mr. Mullet and Mullet Jr. going on there:oD Great background music, btw.

Urban Mom said...

LOL!! L!!!O!!!!!L!!!!!!!!!!

Super Churchlady said...

You are cracking me up! I think we had the same 1980's hair. My hair defied gravity back then. I'll have to pull out some old photos to share now. :-)

SKELLER said...

hahahaha!!! Hey, I just came for some WW entertainment, but these photos (and commentary) are HILARIOUS! Been there, done that!! And even with 80s BIG HAIR, you and and your sister are beautiful!!!