Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Play Ball!

We've been trying to pursue more healthy activities for family time other than movie night. I am not an athletic person. I've never really played sports. There was the time in 1980 when I did play on the Peppers in Garland, TX. You may have heard of us.

One of the few memories I have of playing is that we got a Dr. Pepper after every game. 'Cuz we were the Peppers. Clever, eh? One other memory I have is being on base ready for the game to be over because I wanted to go home and put on my new tube top. I thought I looked totally awesome. I looked more like a sausage. Thankfully, my mom made me wear a button-down shirt over it.

Anyway...We've been playing baseball. Dad is actually athletic and knows what he's doing. He took over after I told the kids to get on the baseball court.
We are serious about our games. This is evidenced in our footwear.

Yes, that's home plate.

Here's Chelsey trash talking Philip and Ashlie barely tolerating us.

Here's Philip responding to Chelsey with a "You'll not get in my head, woman!" look.

He's all business when it comes to baseball.

"When's the next Hannah Montana episode?" thinks Loree.

Aaron likes to tap his shoes before batting...hitting, whatever.

OK, now he's ready.
To hit Darren in the nuts with his ball...
And, we're done...


Shanna said...

I came across your blog on WTM. And then I read Garland, TX. I grew up in Garland!! My parents still live there.


Katy said...

We lived in Garland until 1981 and then moved across Jupiter Rd. into Richardson. My parents still live there. Small world!

suburbansocialite said...

That was so great. I loved it!!! Great post - it made my day. I love seeing the kids.

Popcorn said...

The shoe wear and home base cracked me up! You are funny choir friend!