Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Flash!

I now have a 14 year old! Happy Birthday, Ashlie! Some things about Ash:

1. Ashlie doesn't like to be called Ash or Flashlie

2. Flashlie wears sunglasses on her head all day, everyday.

3. Smashlie is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I mean it. Ob. sessed.

4. Cashlie likes to shop for Jonas Brothers merchandise.

5. Bashlie likes her youth group and lives for Sunday and Wednesday night and camp and retreats and youth group parties.

6. Mashlie loathes the beach, but goes anyway 'cuz she knows Darren and I love it.

7. Sashlie likes the mountains but she's never seen them.

8. Dashlie makes my life complete. Without her I'd only have four kids and that just wouldn't work.

9. Gashlie likes Danielle Steel novels like me.

10. Rashlie is a great daughter, sister, friend, leader and Jesus-lover.

Everyone should have an Ashlie, but God decided to bless us with the only one He made. I thank Him for that. *sniff*

1 comment:

suburbansocialite said...

beautiful picture of ashlie... hope you all have a happy day..