Friday, May 16, 2008

Guess what today is?!? Celebrate with me, will you?

Random Birthday Thoughts (it's random because I'm high on meds. I'm still coughing up vital organs under the weather.)

On this day 38 years ago, my parents were blessed **sniff** I really wanted to post a baby picture, but...what's that? There aren't any!?! How can that be? I'd think I was adopted, but our family shares somewhat of a resemblance. Here's me and my sister, circa 1990 (I'm on the right):

Here's my mom with Phil when he was a baby, circa 1995:

Here she is listening to a box. Wait. What?

Then, of course, Luscious Leisure Suit Larry, circa 1972. (He's smiling on the inside):


LisaWA said...

You are so funny! Happy Birthday by the way... I had a mind cramp and it didnt conect... momof7 also has a birthday today...

Happy Happy Birthday..


Anonymous said...

Dude....Happy Birthday

Super Churchlady said...

Is your dad "Larry" and do you call him "Larry"? You're funny.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Katy said...

Yes, He's my dad and my sister and I call him Larry. It started when we were smart-ass teenagers. If we call him dad now, he gets suspicious. Like "they're gonna ask for something" suspicious. I have all the respect in the world for him, truly. But, dude, he's Larry.

suburbansocialite said...

Happy belated birthday Katy!! Remember when we threw you an awesome apartment party at SFA??? So much fun!!! or was it???
Anyway, congrats on making 38. You look fantatstic.

suburbansocialite said...

yes. i seriously quit my job. and yes. my boss seriously looks like that. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!