Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So it says, "Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication". Do they think I drive this?

Or this?

Or maybe this?

I just thought that was interesting. I drive one of these:

So look out if you see me comin'.

I am better. I just have this lingering sinus issue. My sphenoid sinus is inflamed and putting pressure on my right eye. This is a self diagnosis, mind you. I prescribed myself an eye patch just for fun. My kids said no. So I'm sticking to a dose of Sudafed here and there and Tylenol. I'm rationing the Sudafed, though. Due to the amount I've taken in the last two weeks, I can't buy products with pseudoephedrine in the state of Texas for a while. I think the ATF or DEA is watching the house.

Let me just say, I'm supposed to go here for my anniversary next weekend:

It was bad enough to be sick for The Blessed Day of Birth '08. Heads will roll if I'm not 100% for Love Fest '08. I will need my strength back for planned activities.


Super Churchlady said...

Katy - that is "TMI" my friend.

(Laughing my butt off...ok...not off...a large, large part of it is still there. DANG IT!)

SKELLER said...

hehe. I'm NOT bringing my husband here to get any ideas - my body simply does NOT bend like that AND I'm kinda afraid of heights. But, you go, girl. Have fun!!

Popcorn said...

You are so darn funny choir friend. And that is you as a baby because it looks like you.