Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gas Giants all around us

Our Astronomy lesson went from bad to worse today due to the fact that we were studying Gas Giants. (We lost Philip and Aaron immediately)

Jupiter is considered a gas giant. It has a small, rocky core, but all around this core are swirling gases. So, Jupiter is a big ol' ball of atmosphere.

Saturn is also a gas giant made mostly from Helium and Hydrogen.

Did you know Uranus was a gas giant, as well? *snicker*

Me: Can you name any other Gas Giants in our solar system?

Aaron: (still giggling)Papa Larry?

Me: (above hysterical laughter) Well, I was looking for Neptune, but...(laughter continues)...nevermind.

A lesser known, but my favorite Gas Giant...Larry.


Urban Mom said...

BTW, I was intrigued by you meez.com avatar. So I clicked on it and have just spent the last hour clicking around there! Thanks for the idea, hope that it's ok that I borrowed from it. =-)

Anonymous said...

That was just what I needed to read today. I'm laughing hysterically and I don't even know Papa Larry.. :)