Monday, October 1, 2007

Teaching Hate

Lesson 39 of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons...I've taught three of my kids to read with this program and it works! But, somewhere around lesson 39, it gets really frustrating. The child almost has it down; they're almost over the hump. If you've taught a child to read, you know there is just a point that they "get it". By lesson 39 you have most of the letter sounds mastered and they start introducing words with silent letters. The words on the list usually rhyme. One of the tasks is for the child to read a list the words by sounding them out and then saying them the "fast way". Guh-aaate...gate. This list was:


So Loree is reading the list. "wow" "cow" "ate"...we come to "hate". She hesitates a little...
Me: OK, Loree, it rhymes with ate...


Me: No, it rhymes with ate...starts with "h".

Loree: Huh-aaaate...ate

Me: No, keep the "huh" on it...huh-aaaate

Loree: Huh-aaaate...ate UGHH! Mom I can't do it! (Hands in hair, squirm, hits head on book. see photos)

ME: OK...don't get frustrated...if you really don't like something, yoooou...

Loree: Ate? (bursts into giggles) Yeah, mom, I eat a monster!


Loree: It's hate. I got it now, Mom.

So, you see? I successfully taught my child hate today.

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Jenny in Ca said...

I love this post! And the pics! It's classic homeschool angst.